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Holo Humpday: Battle of the Holo Top Coats

If you’re not as big of a polish junkie as I am, you may not feel the need to own every holo nail polish out there. A great option is to get a good holographic top coat to help transform the polishes you already have! Then you can still holo all the things!!



I own three holo top coats, and I thought I’d compare them for you today. Things I look for when it comes to holo top coats: linear vs scattered holo, strength of holo, and whether it changes the color of the base color by giving it a grey tint. For my personal taste, I prefer a strong linear holo, and I’m ok with a teensy bit of greying as long as the base color still comes through well.

The three holo top coats I own are:

So let’s see the three compared to one another:

Battle of the Holographic Top Coats

Battle of the Holographic Top Coats – all nails with one thin coat of the holo top coats

My thoughts:

  • Linear vs. Scattered: ILNP & DN are both linear, while Nayll is scattered.
  • Strength: Nayll and DN were the strongest, and ILNP was much more subtle.
  • Greying: Nayll does transform the base color more than the other two. ILNP shows the base color best.

Thoughts on each top coat:

  • ILNP: This one is very pretty, but it’s the weakest holo effect. If you’re not into strong holos, this one really is perfect. It doesn’t transform the base color at all, so you truly get whichever color you pick plus holo! This is $10.
  • DN: This one has a linear rainbow holo effect that’s pretty darn strong! You can really see the spectraflair flame in the pic below. It does give a little grey tinge to the base color, but it really doesn’t transform it much. I think this one is $10 as well – it’s not available right now, but there are always restocks.
  • Nayll: This is the scattered top coat of the bunch. It’s more of a silvery holo, almost like China Glaze Fairy Dust. I should really try those next to one another! But it’s definitely strong! The drawback of this one is that it greys out the base color the most out of these three. This one is $12.

Here’s another pic at a slightly different angle:

Another view of the Holo Top Coats

Another view of the Holo Top Coats

Oh and the color that I’m wearing under all the gorgeous holo top coats is from Pretty Please Nail Polish. Pretty Please is a site where you can choose a certain color polish and customize the name for gifts. I got this one from my cousin, who picked this color and named it “Will U Be My Bridesmaid?” to, well, ask me to be her bridesmaid! What a cute idea right? And this color is so pretty – it’s like a dark grape-leaning radiant orchid!

So anyways, back to the holo top coat battle. My favorite out of this bunch of holo top coats and the winner for me is the Digital Nails one! Which is your favorite? Do you have others that you like better?

Saran wrap manicure

I can’t bring myself to say “saranicure.” I just can’t. I said (wrote, rather) “dotticure” and a host of other nail abbreviations, but for some reason “saranicure” is my limit… and now I’ve gone and said it twice. Damn. But anyways, whatever you wanna call it, I did it. I’ve done these in the past but never posted pictures.

I love any manicure that can utilize multiple colors &/or textures. So using the saran wrap technique is definitely a favorite.


For this, I used:

  • ILNP Admire Me, yet another amazing creation from ILNP. It’s a beautiful teal blue holo.
  • Zoya Charisma, one of my favorite purples. It looks neon but dries matte and then perks up again with some topcoat.

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Holographic Essie Sable Collar

I have a pretty simple manicure on right now. I knew I couldn’t top my last one at the moment, so it was time for a palate cleanser. I’ve had Essie’s Sable Collar for awhile and haven’t worn it yet, so I figured it was high time. Then I added my holographic top coat from ILNP (My Private Rainbow) because everything is better with a lot of sparkle and holographicy goodness!



Sable Collar is a really nice greyish brown with pink-red shimmer. I added 2 coats of ILNP’s My Private Rainbow, which makes it a bit more silvery and brings out some purple undertones. I think it looks amazing with the holographic topcoat…. but then again, I think everything looks better when there’s holo involved!

Here are some more pictures in different lighting:







I used my Seche Vite topcoat over it all, so you can see a little more tip wear than usual. These pics were taken the day after putting the polish on.

I really like this, but I’m dying to play with my new MoYou plates that just arrived!


Peekaboo holo

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before (haha), but I loooove holographic polishes. Especially the Color Club ones – they have the most jam-packed holo for good prices. As I recently said, I love it so much I’d pour it all over my body as body paint… if only there was enough in the bottle for that and for my nails!



Gorgeous, right?! I call it my peekaboo manicure because it reminds me of a curtain drape drawing back and revealing the polish underneath. Peekaboo, I seeee you orange polish!



Here’s what I did:

  • Base color: Illamasqua Purity, a beautiful pastel peach color that applies so easily. It looks more orangey in the pictures, but it really is more of a cantaloupe peach.
  • Taped using an angled sticker (See the next picture)
  • Top color: Color Club Eternal Beauty, a beautiful grape purple holo. I only used 1 coat… 1 coat! And it still looks that amazing.



Silly me – I wanted to show the sticker I used, and I showed it flipped around. See how pretty this linear holo is?! Gorgeous!



And more pics – ignore the red lobster hands please!

And I wanted to show another polish I had on recently, Julep Blakely. It’s a really pretty grey shimmer with shifts to purple and green. From what I’ve seen, it’s an exact dupe of Peace & Love & OPI and Essie For the Twill of It. I got it for super cheap during one of Julep’s big sales.



I did a really impatient manicure with this one and ended up with a lot of bubbles. I also used my favorite topper – ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) My Private Rainbow, a holographic topcoat. This topcoat comes in 3 versions: linear, scattered, or a combo. I bought the linear version, and I love it! I mean, the ability to make any polish holographic?! That’s a superpower I never dreamed of! 🙂 It looked really good over Julep Blakely, but the above pic doesn’t do it justice.

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