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Week 4: My favorite Untried Challenge mani!

The husband was traveling for work for pretty much all of March, so of course my extra alone time was used to play with my polishes! Bored? Paint your nails! Lonely? Paint your nails! Such a great excuse 😉

So this was the perfect time to practice using my new nail art brushes! I finally got a set for my birthday, and I’ve been scared to use them. But it wasn’t that bad! I certainly need some work drawing lines, but this actually ended up being my favorite manicure out of all my untried challenge manis.

I used two brushes (one thicker, one thinner) to draw on a simple plaid pattern. I also (surprisingly enough) have never used my matte topcoat, so I put that over the plaid nails. I figured it’d be too hard for me to do all 10 fingers that way, so I did a glitter accent nail and used the bright purple accent from the plaid to paint my pinky and thumb.



And here’s a completely unflattering close up of the plaid:



Excuse my dry skin and cuticles – I had been lax in my lotioning and oiling. After seeing these pics, I definitely amped up my skin care routine!

Here are all the polishes I used (all untried of course):



Plaid nails:

  • Base color: Zoya Bevin – a really pretty light green with blue undertones
  • Lines: first, I painted on two thick lines vertically down one side of the nail using Julep Valerie (a very pretty opaque hunter green with gold shimmer)
  • Then I drew on two thick lines horizontally at the base of my nail using OPI Gargantuan Green Grape (a light green with yellow undertones… I know there are some batches out there that look more teal-blue, but I have the almost light lime green version)
  • And then I took my thin striper brush to paint on one vertical line and one horizontal line at the tip of the nail using Orly Frolic (a beautiful bright purple… almost a radiant orchid shade)
  • Lastly, I mattified it all using Essie Matte About You. It worked great, but I did need a thicker coat of it.

Glitter nail – China Glaze This is Tree-Mendous. I think it was a part of their recent holiday collection. I used 3 coats then 2 coats of topcoat (my beloved HK Girl) because it thinks topcoat is really yummy and eats it all up.

Pinky and thumb – Orly Frolic.

Now, I did notice that my matte top coat wore down after a day or two in spots. I had to reapply it to keep it matte rather than shiny. Does that happen usually? Or is that just my topcoat?

Anyways, I love this manicure and hope you like it too 🙂 This was the last of my untried challenge manicures for the Nail Challenge Collaborative, but I love using my older and untouched polishes so I think I’ll try to continue this as much as I can!

Check out the others:


Julep Maven Madness

I love Julep and when I saw all the advertisements on Facebook for their Maven program, I was hooked. For those of you who don’t know about it yet, it’s the best thing ever! You sign up, take a little quiz about your style, get assigned to a “Maven style,” and get a free box of goodies. Then there are monthly boxes based on your style profile (but you can change it at will if you want) that are $20 with 2 nail polishes and some add-ons.

My Maven style is Bombshell, but I always love the stuff for Boho Glam and It Girl as well. My October box was amazing – it had 3 nail polishes (the 2 that came with my style and one add-on), an eyeliner, and some yummy candy corn.

I haven’t had a chance to do full manicures of any of the colors yet, but I did a quick swatch before my current manicure.


Emphasis on the quick swatch (aka that middle finger was super messy). My index finger is Valerie, which Julep describes as turquoise with gold shimmer, but it really looks more forest green in person. The gold sparkle is really nice though! My middle finger is Ciara, which I LOVE (despite the messiness of the above swatch). It comes out as a purpleish jelly with blue-green and purple sparkles. Very pretty. And last but not least, Cleopatra is on my ring finger. It’s a black matte/suede finish. I like it, but I’m not sure how often I’ll actually wear it. Maybe with some stamping on it or something like that.

Love Julep!