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Fuchsia tie-dyed manicure: April NCC #2

Hello sweeties! For my second NCC look of April, I recreated a gorgeous manicure from fellow Pittsburgher, Stephanie of A Little Polish (see her blog post here). She did this beautiful striped gradient look for a neon manicure, and it really called to me! I’ve been feeling these fuchsia/ bright purples and pinks recently, and this mani fits so well with that.

My fuchsia waterfall gradient

My fuchsia waterfall gradient

I love how this came out! It almost looks like a chunky neon tie-dyed manicure. Stephanie’s original was so perfect, and I think I came close at least in the color choice!

Fuchsia waterfall gradient

Fuchsia waterfall gradient

I do wish I had left more of the darkest shade of purple showing. It’s just so pretty, and I had enough nail canvas to work with to get all the colors in. But I got overzealous with my white stripes*.

*Not this White Stripes:

Jack white bitchface meme cubs game

Hehe – that resting bitchface of Jack White’s gets me every time! But back to the nails…

Neon striped waterfall gradient

Neon striped waterfall gradient

Polishes used/ how I did this:

  • Base color: China Glaze Violet Vibes… This is a beautiful pink/red leaning fuchsia. It’s bright and vibrant and one of my FAVORITE shades of purple! Previously I had some issues with the formula (it tended to slide towards the sides of the nails and pool in those places), but this time I used thinner coats and had no issues. It did, however, take 3 coats to get opaque with this technique. I don’t mind because it’s my favorite shade of purple!
  • Using a medium sized nail brush, I dabbed on a messy vertical striped gradient with the following colors:
    • First, a base of Rica Whiteout… The best white for nail art!
    • Then KBShimmer Beach Please… One of my favorite names for a polish! And it’s gorgeous too 🙂 This is a neon purple-leaning pink, and it’s an amazing formula. LOVE!
    • And lastly, Models Own Shades… One of the most amazing neon coral with slight pastel-leanings. It’s part of last year’s Polish for Tans collection, and it’s perfection!
  • Top coat: Digital Nails Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That… one of my top 2 top coats!
    • Matte top coat: Essie Matte About You… this is the only matte top coat I’ve tried, so I have nothing to compare it with. But it works just fine.

What do you think? Have you tried a waterfall gradient like this? What colors would you combine for this?

And now for your daily David Tennant:

David Tennant doctor who Velvet suit feel up

… especially if you’re David Tennant 😉

Oscar de la Renta manicure: March’s NCC #2

Hello and happy Monday my sweeties! Today I’m sharing my second manicure for March’s Nail Challenge Collaborative theme. NY Fashion Week recently happened, so this is definitely the perfect timing to do manis based on fashion!

I was browsing Pinterest and stumbled upon Oscar de la Renta’s 2015 Resort line. It was filled with black and white, florals, and some pops of bright pink and purple.

A few dresses from Oscar de la Renta 2015 Resort collection

A few dresses from Oscar de la Renta 2015 Resort collection

Aren’t those dresses gorgeous?! I don’t know what resort you would wear these to… I’m used to wearing bathing suits and beach wear to resorts. I guess Beyonce could pull off wearing a designer gown at a resort though. So maybe this collection is meant for Beyonce? They’re stunning no matter who you’re designing for or where you’re meant to wear the pieces!

I decided I needed to work on my freehand flowers anyways, so this was a perfect inspiration for a mani. I went with a dark shimmery green instead of black, and I had a perfect pink to match!

My Oscar de la Renta  manicure

My Oscar de la Renta manicure

I tried cutting down the bristles of one of my nail brushes to get really thin lines, but they’re still a bit thicker than I’d prefer. I feel like I needed to cut it down to a single bristle in order to get the type of wispy lines I was going for with this manicure.

Another pic of my Oscar de la Renta manicure

Another pic of my Oscar de la Renta manicure

Also, the pink photographed a bit more neon pink than it is in real life. In real life, it looks practically identical to the Oscar de la Renta dress above – a slighly purple-leaning bright fuchsia. My camera can be a temperamental little beyotch; it hates blurples, it changes neon pink to orange, it changes oranges to pinks, and it changes fuchsia to neon pink. Silly camera!

Polishes used:

  • Index & middle fingers:
    • Base color: Barry M Racing Green… This is a beautiful dark blackened emerald green with some added shimmer. So beautiful!
    • Flowers: Rica Whiteout… As usual, this is my favorite white for nail art and everything else!
  • Ring finger & pinky:
    • Base color: KBShimmer Beach Please… This is a GORGEOUS fuchsia – bright pink with some purple tones. The formula is perfection!
    • Flower on ring finger: Barry M Racing Green… This was not as pretty in nail art because it came out pretty sheer. Ah well.

What do you think? Do you sometimes want to swear at your poor little camera for screwing up colors? I feel like my camera never went to grade school and therefore never learned colors. Maybe I  should be more lenient with my poor uneducated camera – it didn’t have the advantages I did. 😉

Check out more fashion-inspired manis from the NCC ladies:

Colorful Chevron Manicure

I believe I’ve told everyone how much I heart indie polishes. Another favorite brands of mine is KBShimmer, made by Christy Rose. She has such a great creative mind when it comes to crelly glitter bombs, and her creme polishes are to die for!

KBShimmer recently put out a 6th anniversary set of 3 polishes, the Beach Trio. I picked up Beach Please (looove that name), and I also grabbed some of her new vinyls. I bought the single chevron vinyls, and my package came with a free sampling of her zig zag vinyls!

So I wanted to use those babies:

chevron holographic blue fuschia kbshimmer beach please a england tristam nail art

In the past, I’ve used the nail vinyls from Nail Vinyls (aka @teismom on instagram), and I loved them so much! I think I actually like KBShimmer’s chevrons better! That really surprised me. I think they pull up a bit easier. But you can’t go wrong with either brand!

Here’s another pic showing the bottle of Beach Please:

chevron holographic blue fuschia kbshimmer beach please a england tristam nail art

Just look at that bright color! Beach Please is an amazing crelly fuschia that applies like a dream. I used 3 coats of this pinkish purplish polish (say that 3 times fast!). The blue holo is A England Tristam, a gorgeous scattered holo that’s super opaque.

And here’s a close up of my ring finger:

chevron holographic blue fuschia kbshimmer beach please a england tristam nail art


I love this look! Super simple to do, and the colors are so pretty.

Do you use nail vinyls? If so, what’s your favorite kind?