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Sparkly Leopard Print Manicure

Hello sweeties! I had a dream that I returned from my vacation to find that my holy grail red holo (Darling Diva’s The Alchemist) had faded like a mofo and was now an ugly pink. I know the minute I walk through my door, I’m going to check on that – what a nightmare! Have any of you had dreams/ nightmares about nail polish? You know you’re an addict when…

Anyways! For today’s manicure, I basically just grabbed a few polishes I hadn’t worn yet and played! I hadn’t done leopard print in a real long time, so I decided that needed to happen, and I accented it with a gorgeous vivid coral and a flakie top coat.

Leopard print skittlette manicure

Leopard print skittlette manicure

Despite being one of those quickly thrown-together manis, I think it came out pretty cohesive! I usually do leopard print with the lighter shade as the base, so this was a bit different for me. Instead of using three colors (one for the base color, one for the blobby spots, and one to outline), I just used two since I couldn’t think of a good color for the blobby spots.

I really like how the shimmer of the coral Digital Nails still shows up in the leopard print! It’s such a gorgeous polish!

Leopard print + shimmer + flakes = love!

Leopard print + shimmer + flakes = love!

I bought the Digital Nails polish (Super Temp) solely for the name. It’s Doctor Who-themed (surprised much?!) and based on Donna Noble, who is definitely in my top 2 companions on the show (and the most important person in the world). So even though I bought the polish just for sassy Miss Donna, I am in LUUUUURVE with it!

Oi Spaceman! Here’s a closeup:

Closeup of Digital Nails Super Temp

Closeup of Digital Nails Super Temp- look at that golden shimmer!

I also decided to finally utilize a flakie top coat that was a huge lemming for me and was recently squashed. Zoya Chloe is perfect red-orange-yellow-green shifty flakie goodness all in a little bottle. I’ve had Opal (which is the blue-green flakie version) for awhile and have been lusting over the hard-to-find Chloe. So happy to own it now!

Here’s a closeup of Zoya Chloe:

Closeup of Zoya Chloe over OPI Malaga Wine

Closeup of Zoya Chloe over OPI Malaga Wine

Polishes used:

  • Index & middle finger:
    • Base color – OPI Malaga Wine… this is a gorgeous deepĀ brick red creme. It’s such a perfect polish – I need to wear it again! I think it’d also be a great pedicure color.
    • Leopard print – Digital Nails Super Temp detailed on with a small dotting tool
  • Ring finger: Digital Nails Super Temp… this beauty is a very bright coral orangey-pink with gold microflakies and some golden shimmer. I love love LOVE this polish!
  • Pinky:
    • Base color: OPI Malaga Wine
    • Top color: Zoya Chloe

Do you buy polishes if the name or inspiration hits you where it counts? I’m such a sucker for themed polish – I hope I’m not the only one here šŸ˜‰ I think I probably own [number not listed due to utter ridiculousness] Doctor Who polishes, and I just know that if another well-named one comes out I’m going to snatch it up too!

I hope everyone’s New Years has been safe and happy! It’s 2015 y’all!