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The Nail Challenge Collaborative: Untrieds Week 1

I joined my first challenge! I was so excited to be invited to join The Nail Challenge Collaborative (which will henceforth be named the NCC for brevity’s sake!) by Stephanie from A Little Polish. She’s a fellow Pittsburgher and a talented lover of nail art as well! So if you haven’t seen any posts from the NCC, it’s a group of nail art bloggers who do 4 manis/month in a previously chosen theme. And I’m now one of them! Woo hoo!

The theme for March is “Untrieds,” which got me really excited because I have a huge pile of untried polishes and a whole file of untried manicure ideas and techniques. So this is a great excuse to get off my lazy butt and actually accomplish some of them!


This is a whole lot of untried goodness for me – all untried polishes and leopard print, which I’ve never done before! Shocking, right? I feel like everyone and their mom has done leopard print, but not me… until now. I had read that it was super easy to do, but it always intimidated me. This challenge has made me put my big girl pants on and finally do it! I think it came out awesome too 🙂 It truly was easy to do – messy is actually a bonus here, which totally worked for me haha.


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