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Water marbled nails

I love the look of a well-done water marble manicure. Unfortunately, I have had such difficulty executing it. All the tutorials I watched/read made it look so simple, but it took me many (more than I’d like to admit) attempts to even get one successful nail.

Many small details go into making this manicure work. The temperature of the water has to be just right (room temperature or just slightly cooler is best), the polish has to be just right (I really only had success when I used the same brand polish for all my colors), and the height from which you drip the polish has to be just right (just a few cms above the water). I feel like Goldilocks trying to make this work. My biggest problem is getting my polishes to spread in the water no matter the temperature/ brand polish/ etc I use.


Despite all the above, I finally got a few nails that worked! I used OPI Koala Berry (pink) and OPI Eurso Euro (blue) for this combo.

Anyways, if you have any suggestions to make this manicure less high-maintenance, please leave comments below! I’ll keep trying!