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Textured Bling Spirals: December’s NCC #4

Hello there sweeties! I hope the post-Christmas blues have avoided everyone. I’m on vacation until after New Years, and I’m about to take a trip to see some friends and family so I’m just plain excited! I’m trying to think of possible manis for New Years, and the main thing that comes to mind was BLING. Bling always is appropriate for a New Years mani! So this is my dotted version of a blingy New Years mani!

My textured blingy dotticure

My textured blingy dotticure

So I intended to have dotted spirals on my index & middle fingers, but it doesn’t quite look that way at first glance. I think it’s because the dots are too far apart – maybe they’d actually look like spirals if the dots of one color were closer to each other. But I think it still came out alright!

Another pic of my blinged out mani!

Another pic of my blinged out mani!

I knew I wanted to use more of my new PixieDusts for this mani because they’re so pretty and blingy too! And I like how it gives the dots a bit more dimension on top of the gold.

Polishes used:

  • Index and middle fingers:
    • Base color – Orly Luxe… this is a super sparkly gold that is so perfect for a NYE mani! On its own, it’s a bit brush stroke-y… but I love it as a base for other things or for nail art.
    • Dots: Zoya Liberty (gorgeous cobalt blue PixieDust) and Julep Cleopatra (matte/ satin finish black)
  • Ring finger: Zoya Liberty… LOVE this PixieDust! The color is amazing, the texture is perfect, and the formula is perfect! I could see this being perfect for an ocean mani.
  • Pinky: Zoya Dahlia… this is the black PixieDust. So gorgeous! It comes out looking a little more charcoal grey because of the silver sparkle, but I still love this 🙂

What’s going to be on your nails for New Years? Are you going to go bling-tastic like me? What are your plans for NYE?

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Colorful French manicure



Meh… that’s pretty much my thought on this manicure. I don’t hate it, but I certainly don’t love it. I like each color separately, I like the combo of them together, and it’s not messy or anything. But there’s something about it that I’m not thrilled about. I’m not a huge fan of French manicures for myself – I think they’re pretty and classy but never enjoy the look on my own nails.

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Metallic ombre manicure

My beautiful Marc Jacobs Sally manicure began to chip a little around the tips, but I really didn’t want to get rid of the color altogether. So I figured I’d sponge on more metallic hues around the tips with an ombre/ gradient.



Obviously the base color is Marc Jacobs Sally, and I used Pixi Classy Cocoa (a really pretty chocolate shimmer) and Orly Luxe (a bright glittery gold) to complete the look.

Anyways, I love this technique and it helps extend a manicure!