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Tartan manicure: March’s NCC #3

Hello my sweeties!! And a happy Monday to y’all! Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, so this week I wanted to do manis accordingly. Not truly festive, but festive-ish (so not a word, but shhhh). To combine that and the March Challenge theme of fashion, I decided to try out a tartan pattern on my nails. Yes I know tartan patterns are Scottish, not Irish. But people totally wear kilts in St. Paddy’s Day parades, so it’s kosher (how many cultural groups can I reference?!).

My tartan skittlette manicure

My tartan skittlette manicure

I did this really quickly, but I love how it came out! I’m usually pretty awful with freehand lines, but these were better than my usual. Obviously they’re not perfect, but I’m improving slowly! 🙂 I was considering doing a full mani with every nail plaid, but I think I like it better this way.

Another pic of my tartan mani

Another pic of my tartan mani

These remind me of a cozy flannel or fleece plaid blanket. I just want to grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with this mani! This would be a good for fall, winter, or Christmas. Plaid really goes well with everything.

Polishes used:

  • Accent nail: piCture pOlish Badass… This is a charcoal grey “bijou” holo. I don’t really know what bijou means (I guess I could consult Dr. Google very easily, but I’m feeling lazy), but this polish is a subtle scattered holo and is gorgeous. This is one of PP’s blogger collabs and is one of my favorites! Simple but beautiful!
  • Tartan nails:
    • Base color: Zoya Sookie… Ugh, this is the kind of perfect red nail polish that makes me utter orgasmic noises when I put it on lol! It’s such a stunning cherry red creme with a perfect formula.
    • I painted on a hashmark design with OPI Malaga Wine, a beautiful burgundy creme.
    • I then painted the overlapping squares with Rica Blackout, the perfectly opaque black creme that works amazingly in nail art and stamping.
    • Accent stripes of Essie Good As Gold… the best metallic chrome gold ever! It’s easily opaque, so it’s perfect for nail art and stamping.

And now for your daily David Tennant! He’s Scottish, so it’s appropriate for this mani (and appropriate for anytime you want to look at something pretty).

David Tennant, doctor who

Yummy yummy

What do you think? Have you done tartan or plaid manis before? Any fun plans for St. Patrick’s Day?

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Green and Orange Abstract Mani: September NCC #3

So far this is my least favorite manicure for September’s NCC theme of geometric nails. Better to start you off with low expectations, right? 🙂 I don’t think the mani came out poorly or anything… I just didn’t quite like it. Anyways, let me show you to see what you think:

geometric manicure nail vinyls abstract green orange dots i love nail polish reminisce picture polish tail feather orly tropical pop

My meh mani

See? Not awful, but I guess it’s just not quite my style. I basically grabbed some single chevron vinyls and played around with different patterns, then threw some dots up on there.

geometric manicure nail vinyls abstract green orange dots i love nail polish reminisce picture polish tail feather orly tropical pop

Look at that crazy amazing mango orange polish!

I think it would, however, be great for a St. Patricks day mani! Especially if you don’t want to paint 4-leaf clovers, leprechauns, or rainbows… this is kind of a abstract homage to the holiday. 🙂 I wasn’t going for that when I did this mani, but the colors definitely scream St Paddys!

geometric manicure nail vinyls abstract green orange dots i love nail polish reminisce picture polish tail feather orly tropical pop

Excuse the lobster hands – I was trying to get that light green to look color-accurate

The orange and light green did freak my camera out, so my skin looks a little lobster-esque!

Here’s what I used:

  • Base color: My go-to white, Rica’s Whiteout
  • Light Green: piCture pOlish Tail Feather… such a gorgeous almost-neon mint with subtle scattered holo
  • Darker Green: ILNP Reminisce (H)… the holo version of Reminisce, an ultrachrome from my favorite indie brand that shifts from different shades of green to blue and gold. When it was in a small accent on my nails, it didn’t show the shift very well, but it was still there!
  • Orange: Orly Tropical Pop… this is sooo pretty! It’s like a mango/ tangerine yellow-orange neon. It is sheer, so as a full mani you’d have to have a white undie!

So what do you think? Are you as “meh” about it as me? Or is it super appropriate for the March holiday?

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Swatches: ILNP Charmingly Purple, piCture pOlish Peacock, and Nails Inc Porchester Square

Just a quick post showing off a few swatches I’ve done over the past few months.


First up is this gorgeous purple holo: Charmingly Purple from I Love Nail Polish. It was a part of ILNP’s Spring Collection 2014 and I absolutely love it! Charmingly Purple has a subtle but perfect linear holo and is a fantastic choice for a spring/ summer manicure.


Next up is piCture pOlish’s Peacock. I love this bottle – it sort of quotes Katy Perry’s song and is deviously amusing (“Do you wanna see my… peacock”). I layered it over a simple black (I used Orly’s Liquid Vinyl) and that made the glitter really pop.


This polish has a dark greenish jelly base with teal and purple microglitter and really shows depth. I love it! Here’s another picture to show off it’s perfection:



And last but not least is a polish I’ve had forever but never actually worn. I was going to wear it as a base for some nail art but ended up liking it enough to keep it on by itself. Nails Inc Porchester Square is a really nice neutral that leans toward the mushroom or greyish brown shade.


Professional and pretty, right?

I’ll have some more posts coming up soon with the June Nail Challenge Collaborative!


Nail Challenge Collaborative Week 3 – Untrieds

Spring is sort of here. The weather here is schizophrenic… almost 60 one day, then snowing the next. Despite all that, I wanted to get in the spring spirit. I’ve seen all the speckled candy eggs in stores and remembered I had a perfect nail polish to match!

I bought Geode, a beautiful piCture pOlish, a long time ago after admiring it and waiting for it to be restocked on llarowe. Aaaand then I never wore it! But NCC to the rescue – it has now been lovingly graced upon my fingertips! It’s a baby blue packed with royal & navy blue small hex glitter and almost micro gold glitter.



Please excuse the small chip on my pinky – I took pics a few days into this mani. But I do love this polish, and I’m sad it took me this long to wear it! I had been thinking about doing some nail art on top, but I love it as is.



This is 3 thin coats – perfect for the amount of glitter I wanted! The formula is perfection, and I love the subtle gold glitter shimmering throughout.


piCture pOlish Imperial swatch

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been working long hours in the NICU, which means I’m exhausted and my nails have taken a back burner. I’ve had this color on for almost a week now and there are chips galore. So sad. I finally got my hands on some amazing piCture pOlish colors through Llarowe – I was so happy to get that package! This polish didn’t disappoint. So much love for it!





This is my favorite shade of purple – bright, happy, and almost an electric/neon shade. There are small silver-pink pieces of glitter that layer beautifully and a base of shimmer within the purple. So pretty!

And with flash:



I can’t wait to try out my other piCture pOlish gems! What is your favorite polish from that brand? I’m lusting after so many!