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My personal polish game-changer… And a sneak peek of a review!

I love glitter. I don’t think I’m the only one who does, am I right? I rarely wear a mani with a ton of glitter since it’s such a pain to remove. Those stubborn leech-like pieces that won’t come off and the other pieces that migrate around your hand that you find days later. I just can’t deal.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the hype around OPI’s new glitter base polish. I read about a million reviews, and the conclusion I came to was that maybe I should look for a non-PVA base product. This luckily coincided with Colors by Llarowe’s restock of Nail Pattern Boldness products.

NPB apparently has been making this amazing glitter base polish for awhile, but it’s totally new to me! Glitter A-Peel is amaaaazing. It’s non-PVA (aka glue) based and supposedly lasts a bit longer than the OPI/ glue-based versions.

I first tried it out with a gorgeous PolisHaus I picked up awhile back but have never worn. “Farewell” is a beautiful shimmery grey with multicolored multi-sized glitter pieces throughout.


Really pretty, right? This was 3 thin coats over 1 coat of NPB’s Glitter A-Peel.


I put this at night, and the next day was a full day in the lab. In the lab, there was lots of washing hands, putting gloves on and taking them off, and handling of chemicals. Then, I worked in the hospital overnight where again, there was a lot of glove-wearing and hand-washing. Lo and behold, my lovely glitter polish stayed on!

The next day after my shower, they started popping off. I say popping off because that’s almost literally what they did. All but one nail came off in one piece.


There are only 9 above because I lost one in the shower. Sooo easy to take off. Yes, it only lasted a day and a half. But as I mentioned above, I was pretty rough on my hands during that time. And I usually get chips around that time anyways.

So I count this as a major success. It was so easy to take off this glittery goodness – those nails that didn’t pop off on their own, I just used an orange stick to help peel them off. To make it nice and clean before my next mani, I swiped my nails down with a tiny bit of remover… but that wasn’t necessary to remove the polish.

Like I said, game changer! I’ll definitely be more willing to wear all those amazing glitter bombs now.

And now a quick teaser of a review that’s going to come soon! I was sent part of the new spring collection from Lacquer by Lissa, a local Pittsburgher who makes some fantastic creations. I’m still playing with combinations for the glitter topper.



Just look at that packaging too! So perfect for spring 🙂 Stay tuned!