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Scaled gradient and texture mani

When the weather started getting cold and grey, I had a strong need to brighten up my nails. So I broke out some vivid girly colors to make me happier! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of wearing whatever color makes you happy… and this mani certainly did that for me. 🙂

My cheery Winter mani

My cheery Winter mani

I started out wanting to utilize Zoya Carter (that beautiful PixieDust), and I noticed that there was a nice pink sparkly accent. So my pink & purple color scheme was born! I also decided I wanted to try a scaled gradient again (I tried it in black and white here). Simply Nailogical is the master and creator of scaled gradients, and I hope to one day make mine look as pretty as hers!

Slightly different lighting - check out the complexity of that textured polish!

Slightly different lighting – check out the complexity of that textured polish!

And a close up of Zoya Carter:

Zoya Carter

Zoya Carter

Isn’t that gorgeous?! I love the complexity that the texture gives this polish – there’s almost a blackened purple base with purple and pink sparkles. LOVE!

And a close up of Worlds Apart:

Ethereal Lacquer Worlds Apart

Ethereal Lacquer Worlds Apart

And this polish is another stunner! Ethereal Lacquer Worlds Apart is a bright purple jelly with pinky-red and gold shimmer. So gorgeous!

How I did this mani:

  • Pinky and thumb: Ethereal Lacquer Worlds Apart
  • Ring finger: Zoya Carter
  • Index & Middle finger:
    • Base color: Models Own Shades… a beautiful hot pink/ coral. This baby is opaque in 2 coats!
    • Gradient with MO Shades and OPI Do You Have This Color In Stockholm? I taped it off using nail vinyls, did the gradient at the base of the nail, then top coated it and let it dry. Then I taped it off again with vinyls and did the same gradient on the tip of the nail.

I loved this mani so much!! Do you like it too? Have you tried scaled gradients? What’s your favorite thing to do to your nails to lift your mood in the dreary Winter?

B&W Scaled Gradient: June NCC #4

Last Nail Challenge Collaborative post for the month! I’ve actually had a difficult time thinking of different, creative manis this month. But I think I have a good one here.

I saw a beautiful scaled gradient from Simply Nailogical in neon shades and really wanted to try it out. So this is my first attempt at a scaled gradient in black and white to fit our June theme!


Definitely didn’t come out perfect, but I like it.

I used a base of OPI Alpine snow, then did my first gradient of Alpine Snow, Zoya Carey (grey creme), and Zoya Raven (black creme with slight shimmer) at the base of each nail.

Once the first gradient was done, I put a single chevron vinyl from Nail Vinyls over the black mid nail. The difficult part was covering up the bottom of the sticker while keeping the chevron detail intact. Then I sponged on another gradient at the tips of my nails. On most nails, I had to go back and touch up the black to show the detail of the chevron. But I think it looks alright!

Here are a few more pics:


And a bit closer:


I’m definitely going to have to try this design again in different colors. I think it might also be easier if the darker color of the gradient was at the base of the nail.

Thus endeth June’s Nail Challenge Collaborative! July’s challenge will be recreations of old manicures.

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