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Splattered Wallpaper: January NCC #4

Hello sweeties! I’ve definitely acquired the winter viral crud that’s going around, so my creativity for this last NCC look is a bit lacking. I saw Love Varnish’s recent post in which she did a beautiful splatter manicure, and I wanted to try her technique out. I’ve always had difficulty doing splatter manis, so I was eager to try out some of Deborah’s suggestions.

My splatter manicure

My splatter manicure

Deborah recommended using a shorter straw, so I cut down a straw until it was about 2-3 inches long. And it made such a huge difference! It used to take me multiple attempts to even get the polish to leave the straw, but this was quick and easy.

My favorite result:

Closeup of my favorite nail!

Closeup of my favorite nail!

I think of this as either splatter wallpaper OR a wall that someone has thrown paint over to cover ugly  red wallpaper.

Polishes used:

  • Index, Middle, and Ring Finger base color: Julep Maryam… this polish looked so much nicer in the bottle. It’s a deep burgundy red with golden shimmer throughout, but when it’s on the nail the golden shimmer falls flat and it ends up looking like a muddy brick red. Shame – it could have been so pretty!
  • Splatter colors:
    • Essie Strut Your Stuff… this is a gorgeous bright blue that leans slightly turquoise. It stains like crazy, but it’s so pretty.
    • Essie Good as Gold… a perfect metallic gold.
  • Pinky & Thumb: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Bound to the City Life… this is from the new Spark in the Dark collection, and I am so happy I picked this one up! It’s a beautiful dark teal jelly that has multicolored microglitters throughout, giving it depth. I only had to use two coats for opacity. It does photograph a bit more royal blue, but in real life it’s a mix of royal blue and dark teal. I love it! It’s another winner from BEGL!

What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions to make splatter manis easier?

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Jungle wallpaper manicure: January NCC #2

When I was trying to brainstorm manicures based on wallpaper, the first thing that came to mind was the guest bathroom in a relative’s home in Staten Island. Whenever I’d visit as I was growing up, I was impressed with the 80s/90s-era chic jungle wallpaper in that little bathroom – slightly tacky, but a fun and playful choice for a bathroom lol. And what better place to recreate that than on my nails?!

My Jungle-Chic Wallpaper Manicure

My Jungle-Chic Wallpaper Manicure

I actually think my manicure looks very similar to the wallpaper I remember! It was a dark green background with different shades of green leaves and flowers all over. So my manicure was designed to represent that.

Another pic of my manicure

Another pic of my manicure

I double stamped different tropical images, which ended up being my first successful double stamped mani! I previously did one (see it here) that was double stamped with plaid images, and it just looked too busy. But I really like this version – I think stamping in different shades of the same color really makes it blend better!

It is a little difficult to see the bottom stamped image because it’s a bit darker, but it does peek through the tips of the nails a bit.

Anyways, I really like how this came out! It certainly looks better on my nails than it did as a wallpaper! Oh and can I say that I’m still loving the crap out of using liquid latex as a cleaning product?! It makes the end clean-up SO much easier after stamping!!

Here’s what I used:

  • Base color: Zoya Hunter
  • Stamping plates: MoYou London Tropical collection 03 and 04
  • Bottom stamping polish: Barry M Kiwi
  • Top stamping polish: Rica Summer Mint

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First Attempt at a Quatrefoil Mani: January NCC #1

Happy Monday sweeties! I’ve gotten so used to vacation, I’m not ready to go back to work! But girl’s gotta make a living right? Anyways, on to the nail art! This month’s Nail Challenge Collaborative theme is wallpaper. This was initially super intimidating to me because all I could think about was tons of intricate detail work, and I’m definitely still working on my detail work. But hey, it’s a new year and I’d love to improve my freehand skills!

So keeping that in mind, my first wallpaper pattern is a modern design and something I’ve seen in the nail art world as well – quatrefoil. I was inspired by this amazing video on YouTube by ChristabellNails. This definitely didn’t come out perfectly, but if you cross your eyes and look at it from afar, it’s super pretty! 😉

My quatrefoil manicure

My quatrefoil manicure

I figured I should show the mani fails along with the great ones. You can’t improve if you don’t try and fail every now and again!

Another pic of this attempt

Another pic of this attempt

I really wanted to use a new polish I picked up from Target, Essie’s Coat Couture. It’s from the new Cashmere Matte collection, and it’s just gorgeous. But it’s a satin-matte, and I should have known better than to try to do nail art with that texture again! It’s always so much more difficult since it dries super quick. But the polish itself is fantastic. It’s this beautiful mauve/ dusty purple/ brownish-grey with blue shimmer – LOVE!

And I used Rica’s Whiteout as the accent. This is my go-to white for any nail art since it’s the most opaque white polish I own. I’m starting to get low on my bottle, so it’s almost time for a repurchase!

Anyways, even though this is far from my best work, I’m happy I tried the design. I think if I use a different (non-matte) polish and work on my dotting and striping skills, this could look much better!

What do you think? Do you have any nail-related resolutions? Have you tried this quatrefoil design before?

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