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Holo Humpday: WingDust Steel Town Girl

Hello sweeties and happy Holo Humpday! I hope everyone in the cold Northeast is staying as warm as can be with Juno bearing down on you. Today I have a stunningly complex holo to share. I picked up WingDust’s Steel Town Girl probably over a year ago, and I can’t believe this was the first time I’ve worn it!

I bought Steel Town Girl for a few reasons: 1- it’s gorgeous duh, 2- I had never tried WingDust polish, and 3- I now live in Pittsburgh, aka the Steel City, which makes me a Steel Town Girl! So this polish and I are truly a match made in heaven!

WingDust Steel Town Girl

WingDust Steel Town Girl

Now that picture doesn’t do STG enough justice. It’s a deep steely blue-grey almost teal jelly with a scattered holographic base and infused with blue iridescent flakes/ shards and 23 karat gold flakies. In person this is fully opaque, but you can see nail line in the above pic. I used three coats in this mani. Every now and again, I came across a shard that wouldn’t lie flat, but that was rare.

I love how complex this polish is! Kirby (The Mercurial Magpie) recently did a mani layering holos and multiple flakies (check out her Flakies on Fleek post), and after I shut my drooling wide-open mouth I decided I needed to wear something like that immediately! I took multiple polishes out, and then a light bulb went on – I own something similar, and it’s only ONE polish with that effect! So Steel Town Girl = Flakies on Fleek 🙂

Closeup of WingDust Steel Town Girl... and MIC DROP!

Closeup of WingDust Steel Town Girl… and MIC DROP!

That closeup there really represents what this polish looks like in real life. Holo with depth, flakies everywhere, and just general beauty on the nail! I mean, so pretty! I love this one so much.

What do you think? Do you love polishes with more than one special effect? Or are you a polish purist? Have you tried layering these types of polishes before?