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Gladiola manicure: May NCC #2

Hello my sweeties!! Sorry for the break in blogging last week. I had eye corrective surgery on Friday, and it was a much longer recovery than I expected. So I couldn’t stare at a computer screen to write any blog posts! But I can see now, woo hoo!

And here's your daily David Tennant a little early :)

And here’s your daily David Tennant a little early 🙂

So to make it up to you, I have a gorgeous floral manicure for you today! I decided I wanted to paint gladiolas on my nails. Why gladiolas you ask? Because they remind me of Drop Dead Fred! *Please tell me someone remembers Drop Dead Fred!*

Drop Dead Fred!

Drop Dead Fred!

So yeah, gladiolas it is!

Gladiola Manicure

Gladiola Manicure

I loved doing this manicure – simple but pretty!

Gladiola Manicure

Gladiola Manicure

I love purple and blue flowers! I think this came out pretty great if I do say so myself!

Gladiola Manicure

Gladiola Manicure

Polishes used/ how I did this:

  • Base color: Zoya Carey… This is my favorite light grey creme polish. It has a perfect formula!
  • Vines: Zoya Hunter… This is a great dark hunter green creme.
  • Leaves on vines: Essie Vested Interest… This is an underutilized polish of mine, but I love it! It’s a great medium sage green with grey tones.
  • Flower buds:
    • Zoya Charisma… This is probably one of my most used polishes. I love this deep fuchsia polish!
    • Essie Play Date… A beautiful medium lilac purple.
    • Essie Strut Your Stuff… Such a beautiful bright blue!

So what do you think? What’s your favorite flower to paint?

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Teal Dotted Skittlette

Hello my sweeties!! It’s Friday! I’m SO excited because today I’m getting LASIK done! I have awful vision – I’ve worn glasses since 3rd grade, and I’ve wanted to have this done for years. And I’m finally biting the bullet and doing it!

This won't be me anymore! PS- That isn't actually me above lol

This won’t be me anymore! PS- That isn’t actually me here lol

So today I just have a simple but really pretty skittlette to celebrate my new look on life (pun intended 😉 )

Teal & grey dotted skittlette

Teal & grey dotted skittlette

I knew I wanted to wear my favorite color, and I just built this mani from there. How can you go wrong with adding some dots and some sparkle?

Teal & grey dotted skittlette

Teal & grey dotted skittlette

I really like how this came out! It’s simple but still fun and cheerful!

Teal & grey dotted skittlette

Teal & grey dotted skittlette

Polishes used:

  • Index finger: Floss Gloss Wet… This gorgeous polish is a bright minty teal. I love this color so much! The formula isn’t the best ever. It’s really streaky on the first coat and requires complete dryness in between coats. But it’s not the worst formula ever either! It took 2-3 coats for opacity.
  • Middle finger:
    • Base color: Floss Gloss Wet
    • Dot: Zoya Carey… This is my favorite light pure grey polish!
  • Ring finger:
    • Base color: KBShimmer Eyes White Open… This is really neck & neck with Rica Whiteout for my favorite white polish. The formula is perfect, and it’s fully opaque without streaks in 2 coats!
    • Dots: Floss Gloss Wet & Zoya Carey
  • Pinky (& thumb):
    • Base: KBShimmer Eyes White Open
    • Glitter: Orly Sparkling Garbage… This is an amazingly gorgeous scattered holo polish. Unfortunately it’s super sheer! I really wish that it was more opaque! It took like 5 coats to look opaque over white. I also don’t enjoy it over white – I wish I had layered it over a similar color so it would blend better. Ugh, this polish has so much potential!

What do you think? Have you worn Orly’s Sparkling Garbage before? If so, do you know of a good undie for it? Please share if you do!!

And now for your daily David Tennant (and Donna too!):

Doctor Who donna and doctor, david tennant, catherine tate

Half Moon Recreation: July’s NCC #4

And lastly for the July’s NCC theme of recreating manis is a half-moon manicure! Unfortunately, this is also my least favorite of my recreations. I think I actually may prefer my original :/

Half Moon Manicure

My original was done back in October, so I was using darker fall colors. For this challenge, I wanted to do something more pastel-ish. So I chose some pretty glitter and a light green polish.

  • Base color: Colors by Llarowe Tazmo Kramer, a polish I got for free when ordering from llarowe on the owner’s bday – it’s like a light green-silver holo with some small teal glitter hexes in there
  • Overlying color: Zoya Bevin, almost like a dusty green/teal

I like it, but I certainly wasn’t thrilled. I used binder reinforcement stickers, and they didn’t work all that well for me this time – they would peel up all at once, smudging part of the half-moon so I had to repaint it afterwards. Do you guys use reinforcement stickers or nail vinyls? I think I might have to invest in nail vinyls for this one!

Here’s a comparison pic of my old vs new:

Half Moon manicures

My original used Zoya Carey (the light grey) and OPI Russian Navy (the gorgeous dark navy shimmer). My cleanup still needed work at that point, but I loved that color combo!

Ah well, you can’t win them all! Check out the other recreations:

B&W Scaled Gradient: June NCC #4

Last Nail Challenge Collaborative post for the month! I’ve actually had a difficult time thinking of different, creative manis this month. But I think I have a good one here.

I saw a beautiful scaled gradient from Simply Nailogical in neon shades and really wanted to try it out. So this is my first attempt at a scaled gradient in black and white to fit our June theme!


Definitely didn’t come out perfect, but I like it.

I used a base of OPI Alpine snow, then did my first gradient of Alpine Snow, Zoya Carey (grey creme), and Zoya Raven (black creme with slight shimmer) at the base of each nail.

Once the first gradient was done, I put a single chevron vinyl from Nail Vinyls over the black mid nail. The difficult part was covering up the bottom of the sticker while keeping the chevron detail intact. Then I sponged on another gradient at the tips of my nails. On most nails, I had to go back and touch up the black to show the detail of the chevron. But I think it looks alright!

Here are a few more pics:


And a bit closer:


I’m definitely going to have to try this design again in different colors. I think it might also be easier if the darker color of the gradient was at the base of the nail.

Thus endeth June’s Nail Challenge Collaborative! July’s challenge will be recreations of old manicures.

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June NCC #2: Orange is the New Black

The Nail Challenge Collaborative theme for June is Black & White. This coincided well with the release of season 2 of Orange is the New Black, so of course I have to feature my new bright orange polish from Marc Jacobs!


If you haven’t seen the show, you should! It’s amazing. This mani is obviously inspired by title, for one. The main character’s nickname from her first prison wife is Dandelion, so I stamped on a dandelion to pay tribute to Crazy Eyes.


And another pic:


Index finger & thumb:

  • Zoya Carey (light grey creme) with
  • Formula X Firecracker (matte orange glitter topper) and
  • Different Dimension’s Social Suicide (an amazing matte white and black hex glitter… no bar glitter! It took me forever to find a glitter topper with B&W and no bar glitter)

Middle & Ring finger: Marc Jacobs Oh Splat! (gorgeous bright orange creme) with MoYou Pro 06 stamping using Konad white stamping polish

Pinky: MJ Oh Splat! with Zoya Purity splattered over it

Check out the other fantastic black and white manis:


Neon glitter gradient manicure

I removed that last manicure pretty quickly and decided I needed to do something that’s been on my to-do list for awhile. Nothing too labor-intensive, but still exciting for me! I bought a few of Sephora’s Formula X Xplosives topcoats. They’re all beautiful matte hexagonal/ circular glitter with an array of available colors. I bought the neon green, light blue, and orange. I love the idea of the black, white, and the black and white ones too, but those have bar glitter in them. I have an irrational disgust when it comes to bar glitter.

Enough chatty, here are some pics of this beautiful manicure. I think it more than makes up for my “meh mani” from a few days ago.



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Half moon manicure

My 80s themed neon manicure – not so work appropriate for a doctor. I changed it up this evening using the half moon technique I’ve been seeing everywhere. Definitely still an amateur at this, but my left hand turned out great. Can’t say the same for my right!


I started out with a base color of Zoya Carey, which is a great light grey neutral even on its own. Above is just one coat which is sufficient.


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