Earrings & Snowflake Nails

One of my go-to crafty presents is jewelry. It’s unfortunately been way too long since I’ve made any type of jewelry. My materials stayed packed away in a huge tupperware bin since I moved to Pittsburgh (about a year and a half!). But one of my good friends recently mentioned that she also makes jewelry, so we decided to have a crafty Sunday and complete a bunch of projects and gifts.

After making a bunch of pieces for gifts, it was obviously time to make myself a little something too. Why not reward myself with more jewelry? Treat yo self indeed 🙂



And a better look at the amazingly ornate little bead on the gold earrings:



Excuse my foray back into wire wrapping – apparently that’s something need to practice much more before regaining all your skills.

And, of course the nails:

  • Formula X by Sephora – White Matter as the base color
  • Orly Dazzle (gorgeous silver)
  • Messy Mansion stamping plate A36 snowflakes

I was kind of sad about this manicure. I was so excited to have a pretty glittery snowflake mani, and then of course my nails broke down to little nubbins. I had lofty goals of stamping partial snowflakes over my nails, but there just wasn’t enough room. So I was left with a single snowflake per nail – not exactly my initial plan. I still think it’s pretty! Oh, and I really love my new white polish. My old go-to white (Sephora by OPI’s A Ha! Moment) is getting kinda clumpy, so I’ve been searching for a pretty new one. I tried Zoya’s Purity and that didn’t work very well. I think I found a winner in White Matter – the first coat goes on a little streaky, but the second covers perfectly.

And I was so happy to get my Messy Mansion plates in the mail! I bought a bunch and there are some amazing images that I can’t wait to play with!

6 thoughts on “Earrings & Snowflake Nails

  1. Catherine Dream

    I looove homemade jewellery, it’s the BEST present. I made my BFF this Christmas a pair of earrings – umbrella (HIMYM reference) and a leaf (Doctor Who reference). My friend made me earrings out of fimo or something, years back, strawberries DIPPED in chocolate.
    You’re a great friend to be making gifts for others!

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      A yellow umbrella of course, right? 🙂 It’s a fun easy way to make a personalized present for people you care about.
      I’ve been told by probably about a million people that I’d love Doctor Who. That may be my next thing I binge watch. Right now, it’s Sherlock which is amazing!

      1. Catherine Dream

        Yes!! She loves HIMYM, so it was perfect : ) I’m WAY more of a Whovian : D She doesn’t even WATCH Who – but I know she’ll cave in soon, so she’ll appreciate the AWESOME AWESOME meaning of the leaf : ))
        Oh yay, you gotta get into Doctor Who – it’s brilliant!
        Which episode of Sherlock so far?

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