Holiday stamping using latex body paint!

Latex body paint: kinky? Or a great nail art product? I had seen so many people using tape, Elmer’s glue, Vaseline, and Liquid Palisade to help in nail cleanup. I tried Vaseline, but it was too messy for my liking. I use tape for water marbling, but you can’t get tape to hug the nail shape perfectly. I haven’t tried the other two, but Liquid Palisade always intrigued me. However, I didn’t want to spend that much money (it’s $22 for an itty bitty tube!) when I could easily clean up with some acetone.

And then last month, I caught a video on YouTube by elleanddish that was possibly going to change my cleanup! She tried out liquid latex body paint and it looked amazing, so I had to try it out! I bought Liquid Latex Fashions Body Paint in Neon Blue for only $6.50, and used an old crappy nail art brush to apply it after putting my base color on.

Here’s what it looks like while drying (quick shot from my iPhone):

Latex Body Paint for Nail Cleanup

Latex Body Paint for Nail Cleanup

After putting my base color on, I stamped the images on and peeled the latex off. It worked perfectly!! I had no polish to clean up and it was super easy! Plus it’s fun to peel off 🙂

The only issue was that my nail art brush was kind of ruined:

liquid latex fashions body paint neon blue, orly shimmery mauve, nail stamping cleanup, liquid palisade dupe, nail art brush

See all that latex stuck in the bristles?

But if I use the brush only for this application, it shouldn’t be an issue!

OK, so let’s finally show you some nail art huh?

Red and gold holiday stamped manicure

Red and gold holiday stamped manicure

So the image on my index finger is a bit uneven. The reason is that that particular image was real fickle in getting picked up by the stamper. So when it finally picked up, I got super excited and hastily stamped without really paying attention to how even it was.

Otherwise, I love this! I love red and gold together, and I hadn’t worn this particular red polish (Orly Shimmering Mauve) yet! I’ve owned it for almost 2 years and have never found a good use for it. It does show brushstrokes pretty heavily since it has a metallic chrome finish, but since I was stamping over it I wasn’t too concerned with that.

Products used:

  • Base color: Orly Shimmering Mauve… a chrome-finish red with pinky-gold shimmer. It kind of reminds me of Marsala (the new Pantone color for 2015). I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Marsala, but I’m warming up to it slowly. KBShimmer is starting to show swatches of a new release for January that has a GORGEOUS version of Marsala holo.
  • Stamping plate: Winstonia W120
  • Stamping polish: Essie Good as Gold
  • Liquid Latex Fashions Body Paint in Neon Blue… as the name implies, this product most certainly contains latex. So if you’re allergic to latex, don’t put latex on yourself. 😉

What do you think? Do you like the Marsala color? What’s your go-to cleanup product? Would you try latex body paint for your nails?

25 thoughts on “Holiday stamping using latex body paint!

  1. Ali@FixinToFaff

    Pretty! Love the base color and i didn’t notice the crooked stamping til you mentioned it. Funny enough my index finger did a similar thing on ky index finger so maybe we just have funky pointers!

  2. Lustrous Lacquer (@LustrousLacquer)

    I attempted Vaseline around my nails once and you’re right it’s a huge mess, I can never get the tape to fit quite right around my nails so this latex body paint sounds right up my alley. And you’re Christmas manicure turned out super cute. I’m going to have to look into that plate too.

  3. Sandra Lewrey

    Cute! That polish looks just like this other Sally Hansen one that’s pretty awesome called Lava, which is I think based on a MAC polish called Bad Fairy that you can’t ever find anywhere. Love that pink/orange/gold thing it’s doing.

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Let me know how you like it! I bought the clear kind too for swatching, but I think it’ll only be good under glitter or textures since it’s not 100% smooth.


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