Watermelon stamping: September’s NCC #1

September… it’s September already – that’s just plain crazy! For September, the Nail Challenge Collaborative theme is Geometric Manicures. This should be a fun one! My first manicure is a simple stamping one using a few new polishes I picked up.

barry m watermelon rica pinky promise nail art stamping geometric manicure

I’ve been hearing sooo many amazing things about the Barry M brand that I finally gave in and bought a few from Llarowe. I have to say, I’ve tried 2 already and I get the hype – the formula is great and the colors are so vivid!

barry m watermelon rica pinky promise nail art stamping geometric manicure

Sort of geometric I guess? Overlapping rounded squares = geometry, right? I guess this is a slow intro to the theme. But I have some good ideas for my other manis, so don’t you worry!

What I used:

  • Base color: Barry M Watermelon… a stunning teal-leaning hunter green with a perfect formula and opaque in 2 coats. Doesn’t even stain!
  • Stamping plate: Cheeky CH14
  • Stamping polish: Rica Pinky Promise… a beautiful bright pink! Love this polish on its own, but it didn’t pick up as perfectlyย as I would have liked for a stamping polish. You can barely tell in the pic, but there are some small patchy bits. Also, it does look a little purple over the Watermelon base in some areas.

A pic in direct lighting for you:

barry m watermelon rica pinky promise nail art stamping geometric manicure


Do you have any Barry M? Do you love it as much as I now do? I bought 4 as a starter – any suggestions for other must-haves from their collections?

Time to check out the other NCC geometric manis:


34 thoughts on “Watermelon stamping: September’s NCC #1

  1. Marisa

    These look great! I’m honestly a little nervous for this month’s NCC theme, I don’t know what to do haha! I’m glad to hear that the Barry M polishes are worth it, I want to try them out but haven’t made the jump yet.

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      I was a little nervous too! All I could initially think of were stamping manis. But I did some brainstorming and pinterest-ing, and I have some pretty ones coming up I think.
      Oh you totally should try Barry M – I’m a convert!

  2. Dani FromPolishwithLove

    I don’t own any Barry M polishes but I’ve always heard great things though!! The name of this is a tease though, totally not expecting a polish named watermelon to be teal ๐Ÿ˜› I need to try some of RIca’s stamping polishes, but first I need to get good at stamping!! This TOTALLY is a geometric manicure!

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      It totally is a tease! Usually you’d think of a bright yellow-toned green, but maybe this is like a goth watermelon? Haha ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Oh you should totally get the Ricas! They’re good as regular polish too ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Simona LightYourNails

        I have Cobalt Blue and Racing Green, that are both some favourites of mine. I also think they are among the most popular from the brand. Then I do have Denim and some pink glitters I can’t recall the name of!

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