Springy Steampunk Manicure

Hello my sweeties! Happy Friday! Anything exciting going on for you this weekend? I’ve planned a thrilling weekend of binge watching Season 3 of House of Cards. SO excited about that!! Do you watch that show? If not, you NEED to – it’s amazeballs! And sometimes it kind of makes you want to detach from society and live in the woods… in a good way? Anyways, here comes the manicure of the day!

I saw a post from Love Varnish with this amazing manicure combining the fanbrush technique and stamping, and I just adored it! I knew I needed to try it at some point. So when I was brainstorming for my next manicure, I remembered Deborah’s post and decided to do my own version!

My version of the fanbrush stamped manicure

My version of the fanbrush stamped manicure

I decided that I wanted to use a monochromatic base in different shades with a contrasting bright stamping polish. So I chose blues and pinks, and it totally screams spring colors! I had a difficult time picking out the stamping image and I was debating between this, a crosshatch geometric image, and a floral image. I actually wish that I had chosen a floral image with slightly more coverage because the pink is so pretty that I want more of it! But I had yet to use that steampunk plate from Messy Mansion, which is why I chose it.

Springy steampunk manicure

Springy steampunk manicure

And a closeup:

Closeup of my springy steampunk manicure

Closeup of my springy steampunk manicure

Products used:

  • Base color: China Glaze Secret Peri-Winkle… I haven’t worn this much, but I love it every time it goes on my nails! It’s a perfect pastel periwinkle, and the formula is great!
  • Using a fanbrush, I dragged KBShimmer Low & Be Bold across each nail… Low & Be Bold is one of my favorite blue polishes ever. It’s a perfect bright almost neon cobalt blue.
  • Stamping plate: Messy Mansion MM43
  • Stamping polish: Rica Pinky Promise… This is a perfect bright pastel pink that leans toward Barbie pink. I love Rica’s stamping polishes so much! Right now, she has some pastels, black & white, and metallics. I hope she puts out a million more because the formula is perfection! Plus, you can wear it on its own too (which can’t be said for most polishes that are marketed primarily as stamping polishes).

What do you think? What kind of image would you have chosen to put over this fanbrush base? Have you tried Rica’s stamping polishes? You could spend the weekend stamping to your heart’s delight while bingeing on House of Cards!

20 thoughts on “Springy Steampunk Manicure

  1. Lothwen

    I watch that too! But I just finished season 1, so I have some catching up to do…
    I love the mani, your fan brushing is beautiful and the stamping is super fun!

  2. Jenny Gilmore

    This is lovely! It sort of looks like all of the cogs and gears and floating under the sea! I was out of town this weekend, but I’m going to start watching HoC season 3 ASAP!

    1. doctorcrafty Post author

      Oh thank you! It does kind of look that way 🙂
      I’ve gotten to episode 8, and if the husband wasn’t out of town we’d totally be done with it already! SO good 🙂

  3. roselynn787

    I don’t watch House of Cards, but I basically know all about it since my husband watches it in the same room with me while I’m in my nail corner lol. I love how you created that base, both of you ladies are making me want to put my fan brush to work haha.


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